It isn’t officially spring until the dandelions come out! Doesn’t every mom remember the first “flowers” your little one brings to you?

They will always be in plentiful supply in my yard!

Now to change the subject. Sometimes I just get lost in blogland for much too long a time. I love reading other peoples blogs – there are a LOT of talented people out there!!! It is so inspiring and also humbling to see the amazing things that people do.

I was drifting around this morning, because, frankly, I was stalling for time. I needed to post on my blog, but inspiration wasn’t lighting up any light bulbs over my head!

Then on I found a post by QuiltinCats. I’m a new follower now! And I’ve included her button on my left sidebar. Sandy Weaver is doing, now, what I hope to do sometime. Travel around the country in an RV, quilting all the way!

I would still need to maintain a home base because I need a place to keep my long arm quilter. I don’t think I could squeeze one into the fifth wheel, no matter how hard I try! But, oh, to be travelling around seeing this wonderful country! DH says we’re going to do that someday, but I don’t know when. If I won the lottery, we’d start tomorrow!

I’ve already figured out where I would keep a stash of fabric in the fifth wheel. And since the motorcycle only takes up half of the cargo area, I can have my “studio” set up in the other half. Okay, not the most ideal situation to have a studio in the garage, but hey I gotta take what I can get!! And, of course, I would be able to take my handwork outside and enjoy whatever beautiful view we would have.

Okay, enough daydreaming! Right now I have a perfectly good studio in my house and I am bound and determined to spend time in there today!!