I was reasonably sure that I would manage to not make a total fool of myself (notice I said total, I often make a fool of myself, just not a total one!!) And (insert a huge sign of relief) the demonstration actually went fairly smoothly. There was a very good question and answer period and quite a few of the ladies told me afterwards how much they appreciated my talk.

I am so glad I made the samples, because I was able to give them to a few ladies for them to take home as reference.

And then, to make the evening even better, I got paid!! Just look at what I got!!

Hoop Skirt ladies. These need some embroidered details added. And:

Some vintage blocks. note the one that doesn’t have a center – I’ve never heard of piecing from the outside in!! The top rows of pieces are more hoop skirt ladies, ready for applique. And:

A vintage box with more vintage fabrics. Here’s some close ups:

Do I qualify as an “Ingenious Needleworker”?

Please make note of the date. And:

This looks to me like more arcs for a double wedding ring. I’ll have to get out the other vintage arcs and see if they will all play nicely together.

Again, notice the date.

These look almost like penny squares. Most were just a printed design on a square of fabric. There were a few that were partially embroidered.

I love getting paid in fabric!! It just makes me happy! And I also received a speakers fee, which I totally did not expect. Hm-m-m-m. Maybe this public speaking thing isn’t so bad after all!