I’m trying to stick with my own good advice to post before noon. It seems that if I don’t post before noon, I don’t post! But sometimes, I just don’t know what to say. I mean, I have lots of things to say, but I don’t think everyone wants to hear about how my joints are aching or my truck is giving me problems, or (heaven forbid!) DH is driving me crazy!! And when those things are at the forefront of my life, I often don’t have anything that relates to quilting to talk about.

But that’s OK. Even I have to admit that there is more to life than quilting!!

I’ll wait for the gasps of shock and horror to fade away.

Still waiting.

Everybody calmed down now? Alright, I’ll give you another minute.

The trouble with all the things that relate to real life is that they are usually BORING!! Not too many people want to hear that I spent my day filing papers, washing dishes and folding laundry. And, frankly, I wouldn’t want to go on about things like that – it’s bad enough having to do them, I certainly don’t want to blog about them!!!

So what do I talk about when there isn’t really any inspiration? I’ve peeked at some of the blogs that I follow – they are all so terrifically inspiring that I think I should just close up shop and stick to filing papers!! Not a real help there. What’s on my camera – nothing quilt related because there hasn’t been enough time for that.

But wait . . .

What about this:

DH and DGC#3 relaxing in the shade on a Sunday afternoon. What could be better?

We spent a little time at the cabin on Sunday. It was time to open up the panels that we use to close up the pavilion during the winter. And when we didn’t have a ladder to reach the last panel, we improvised:

DH, DS#2 and DS#3 hard at work!!!

Then we rode up to the top of the hill to our “overlook”:

It’s gotten a little overgrown since I was up there last!! DH says he’ll cut down a few trees – sometime (that means within the next decade, unless I never mention it again, in which case it is obviously not important, so he doesn’t have to do it at all!!)

So, even though I have nothing about quilts to talk about today, I did find something a little more important to talk about – Family!! See I told you there was more to life than quilting!!!