Blog land is so interesting! Most days, unless I am pressed for time, I check out There are thousands of quilt related blogs on one site. I usually skim through a few pages and click on any titles that seem intriguing. I should tell you that, if you haven’t been to, they just put the title and the first line or two from a blog post. Sometimes there is a photo or two. Each day, if your blog is registered with them, it is updated to include your post for the day. It’s great to skip around and see ALL KINDS of different quilt “stuff”!!

So, yesterday after I finally finished my post, I took a few minutes to check things out. Lots of fun stuff out there – and then this:

“The Goodification Project”

I thought the title was out of the ordinary, so I had to click on it.

Turns out that it was a post about an advertising campaign by Kentucky Fried Chicken – in Australia – to promote a “journey of improvement” for their customers. The lady that was posting (who is a quilter) had an opportunity to check out a new KFC and test some of their “new and improved” products. Well, even though it had nothing to do with quilting, I thought it was interesting.

So I did a little searching. Here’s a little more about it: “The Goodification project is bigger than just goodifying the KFC experience; it’s also about celebrating the everyday moments in the lives of regular Australians. These actions will be the type of things you do that put a smile on other people’s faces.” from

And it got me to thinking. (I know, always a dangerous activity!!!) What if the Goodification Project was something that we have world wide? It doesn’t have to be just in Australia and it doesn’t have to relate just to a fast food restaurant. What if everyone celebrated the everyday moments in their lives and took actions to put a smile on other people’s faces? I’m willing to bet that the world would be a better place.

Okay, I’m done preaching! But here is my paltry effort to celebrate an everyday moment:

Enjoying a tall glass of iced tea on a hot day. I like to add mint leaves from the garden for a refreshing twist.