DH and I went on a bike ride Sunday (as in Harley Davidson bike)  It was a gorgeous day.  Our destination was Seneca Rocks in West Virginia. Sorry, I have absolutely not one picture from the day! I ran out of the house without my camera (how could I?) But I thought, no problem, I can at least use the camera on my phone. Then the battery died! I grabbed this photo from the internet! (I’m sorry, there was no information about the photographer, so I cannot give credit to that person.)

Anyway, we took a long meandering ride to get there and enjoyed all the scenery. It’s a nice long ride and we knew we would want to stop to eat somewhere along the way. There’s a little restaurant near the base of the rocks where we decided to get a bite to eat. It has a gorgeous view of the rocks and was a very popular place on that particular day. Apparently, hundreds of other people with motorcycles decided that it would be a perfect day to take a ride to Seneca Rocks.

Anyway, once we were seated I noticed the paper placemats that they were using:


(I snitched this one when we left so that I could take a picture of it and post about it!)

Now the reason it got me to thinking is because it struck me funny that some of the words I had never heard before.  But some of them I’ve known for a long time. And I’m not originally from way back in the mountains!

I grew up in the suburbs. My parents are from the city. My grandparents are not from the mountains. But it seems like I’ve always known “peaked”, “smarts”, “skittish” and “lollygag” I’m not sure if I’ve heard those words used by my parents and/or grandparents or if I’ve read them in the historical novels that I enjoy reading.

I’m not a language expert and my curiosity about this “Mountain Talk” is going to go no further than this post. But my humble opinion is that “Mountain Talk” is formed from words that were used quite frequently everywhere. At some point in history those words were dropped from the popular culture language but were retained in isolated areas.

Anyway, I better hesh up, quit my lollygaggin and red up the house afore DH gets put out about the mess! I aim to get started today on the tutorial I promised, too before you’ns get plumb tired of following my blog!!