Let me first say – I love my grandchildren! All six of them!

Now let me add – A-a-a-r-r-r-g-g-g!!!

I had all six visit me yesterday evening. The youngest one is staying with me for TWO DAYS! And, apparently, as a person ages their patience and tolerance is not nearly what it used to be!!!! I am speaking from my own experience here. Because my patience and tolerance is almost completely gone!!!

Like I said I love them dearly. And DGC#6 is an adorable little imp. But it is also the end of the month, so I have invoicing to take care of for our business. And a DH that, while darling, can also be frustratingly demanding of my time. And of course there are meals to prepare and a minimum cleanliness standard that I need to meet!

None of this is leaving much time for any fabric therapy. Which is very sad 🙁

I think know that I need to have a quilt retreat soon. Hopefully, we can work something out that will be acceptable to all parties!