I am usually not a big fan of Sunday. It seems like most Sundays are a day of rest for DH but not for me! Someone still has to fix meals, clean up after, etc, etc, etc.

But yesterday was a lovely day. DD wanted to host a cookout. So I didn’t have a lot of cooking and cleaning! That freed up enough time for me to finish my 4th donation quilt. All I have to do is finish the binding.

But today I had to (finally) take my truck to the garage which meant that I had to get a ride with DH. And he doesn’t like to make “unnecessary ” trips back home. So I brought my quilt with me.  I am able to sew while he is taking care of service calls!


He did start early today, so we should be able to go home at a reasonable hour. Meanwhile, I’m not sitting around twiddling my thumbs wishing I could be at home so I could accomplish something! AND he can’t complain that all I’m doing is sewing – cause that is all I can do!