DH sent me out this morning to get blades for the mower. Because he mows lawns in the summer as part of his business, this was a very important thing that needed to be done. Unfortunately the only place that keeps parts in-stock is an hour and a half drive from home. So I hopped in the truck and did what I had to do to help my darling hubby. That pretty much took up all of my morning, which in turn, has caused me to post after 12:00. Sorry if you weren’t able to catch up with me during your lunch break.

I get a lot of spam comments with my blog. Most of them are pretty obviously spam, but every now and again I get one that I’m not sure about. This is the best one so far:

“you should publish more articles like this and you will be famous. you have the talent to become a super star. your article is superb. keep it up.”

Aw shucks!! Little ole me!?! How flattering! Until I realize that it is spam trying to sell shoes!! Oh well, I’ll keep posting anyway and maybe I’ll be a “Superstar” (Picture me saying that as Molly Shannon in “Superstar”)

While I was working at the desk the other day, this doe walked into the yard and starting eating green apples that had fallen off the tree.

They must have been delicious, because she took her time chowing down.

I didn’t finish putting all the Courthouse Steps blocks together, yet. I have five more to quilt. Then I have to sew the last seven blocks into a row. Then I will have all seven rows ready to sew together. Maybe I can brave the heat (the studio gets late afternoon sun, so it warms up in there quite a bit!) and get all that finished tonight!! DH is supposed to be working on the deck for the big house tonight, so he won’t be interrupting me. I’m going to go for it!!