I hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day!! Mine was nice enough, I guess. I didn’t really do anything except work all day!! But it was all stuff that I wanted to have done before this weekend, so I’m glad I did it.

DS#3 and I went to the cabin in the early morning. He wanted to mow and trim before the heat kicked in.

I wanted to repair some chairs. They are metal chairs which had a faux wicker panel on the back. The faux wicker fell to pieces and something had to be done to repair them. I’ve spent all winter and spring thinking of different ways to fix those chairs.

I finally came up with a great idea that I thought would be fairly easy and quick AND would look really nice.

It was easy, it was definitely not quick and I’ll let you decide if it looks nice.

I used cotton clothesline and wrapped fabric strips around it. As I wrapped each layer of rope, I would wrap the fabric strip around the row before to keep it all together. Like I say, it was fairly easy to do.

But it was taking forever!!!

So DS#3 looked over my work (I was only about half done at that time) and said, “That seems like a lot of work to me.”

Well, yes, it was time consuming.

Then he said, “I’d just throw those chairs away, if it was me.”

Well, no, we’re not going to throw perfectly good chairs away. And they are VERY nice chairs! All we needed was a way to get a panel on the back of the seat. (this is the going green part, since we were avoiding sending stuff to the landfill.)

Finally, he started to repair one of the other chairs.

Here was his idea:

OMGoodness! It took about a third of the time to finish this chair!! In other words, in the time it took me to do one chair, the other three chairs were able to be done!!!

So much for my bright idea!!