Since my internet was going SO SLOW yesterday, I didn’t do much surfing. Didn’t check out other blogs, didn’t look up recipes, didn’t scope out the latest headlines, etc. etc.

That left me with a good bit more time for sewing!! Yippee!!

Despite the heat wave, which turns my studio into an oven, I was able to get all the blocks for the top half of the log cabin quilt sewn into rows.

Today I am going to concentrate on sewing those rows together and, hopefully, I will be able to have at least half a quilt to take with me when I go to see Bonnie Hunter!

Yes, because Ms. Bonnie casually mentioned on her blog that she loves, loves, loves log cabin quilts, I am risking heat stroke to try to get this done in time to show to her!!!

That isn’t crazy, is it!?!

Ha-ha-ha-ha!! (Picture maniacal laughing!) It’s back to the oven I mean, studio, to get some more sewing done!!!