Only today and part of tomorrow until I head off to visit with Bev and Barb and go to see Ms. Bonnie Hunter. I can hardly concentrate on anything else right now!! Bev called last night to see if I could come a little earlier than we had planned.

Can I!?! Shore Nuff!!

I’ve been working so hard on getting quilts finished lately – or at least to a certain amount of finished, since neither the Courthouse Steps nor the log cabin quilt is actually “finished” I did get the rows sewn together for the top half of the log cabin quilt, but I do not think I will get the bottom half finished in the next day and a half, so that will have to do.

Anyway, with all the sewing that has been going on, I haven’t thought about much else. And now I realize that I need to pack some stuff to take with me. Things like: my sewing machine, cutting mat, rotary cutter and ruler, power cord, fabric, thread, etc. Oh, and some clothes and toiletries, since I’ll be staying overnight.

Guess I better get to that. Stay tuned on Monday for photos of the lecture and workshop. That is, if I actually remember to take photos! I might get so caught up in what Ms. Bonnie is saying that I forget all about my camera. 🙁

I’ll leave you with this – believe me it is very tempting!

Get your minds out of the gutter!! I meant the thought of going swimming!!! 😉