Does anyone out there remember “One of these things is not like the others, One of these things just doesn’t belong, Can you tell which thing is not like the others. By the time I finish my song?”

Back in the days when my darling children were small, we had no television reception. And there wasn’t any cable. Or satellite. We were just barely able to watch one network television station. I am not sure how we survived such deprivation!!! (Be sure to read that with a huge amount of sarcasm!)

My mom helped me out by taping some things for me. One was a tape of “Sesame Street” Hooray!! When I absolutely needed a break, I could pop that in the VCR and the kiddos would be entertained for a little while. Since they didn’t watch TV everyday, it was a novel experience for them and they would usually give me a little peace and quiet.

Anyway, this little story has no bearing on what I am actually posting about, except that the song is running through my head when I look at my design wall!

Here are the three blocks that I finished at the Bonnie Hunter workshop. I am so really liking these blocks. And, with Bonnie’s guidance, I was sure that they were as perfect as I could possibly make them.


Isn’t that a sad little statement? Apparently “as perfect as I could possibly make them” isn’t as perfect as I thought!!

Take a closer look at the above photo and tell me if you can spot the problem.

I know, I shouldn’t point out “mistakes” – after all, they are just design decisions, right!?! But this is bugging me! Especially because Bonnie had specifically warned the class about making this very mistake!!! I mean, really, you would think that I would have paid more attention when my idol spoke about something!! And she very pointedly told the whole class to be SURE that we not make this very mistake!!!

Alright, have you found the things that don’t belong?

It would seem that, when I make a mistake, I cannot make just one!!! I know – it’s hardly noticeable. You really have to look hard to see that I’ve sewn those corner units in backwards. Obviously, it doesn’t stand out that much, because I only saw it last night after – how long ago was the workshop? – a few weeks!

So now, of course, I am torn. Do I leave the hardly noticeable mistakes alone? OR Do I un-sew them right now and fix it? And then be VERY, VERY careful when assembling the remainder of the blocks!! Because, you know that if I go to all the trouble of un-sewing and resewing, and then I make the SAME mistake AGAIN – well, we don’t want to think what that will do to my fragile hold on sanity!!!

What do you think? How big of a mistake does it have to be before you will go to the trouble of un-sewing? Let me know – I’m on the fence about this one, so your comments may help me decide what to do!