I realized later – after talking with someone about it – that my post the other day was not as clear as it could have been.

When I put the photos up of the Bonnie Hunter quilt, I could see with glaring obviousness the “terrible” mistakes I had made!! And I’m sure that some people could spot what was wrong as well. Like Bev and Barb that were at the same workshop and knew exactly what I was talking about.

But it’s possible that the “glaring” mistake wasn’t as obvious to everyone else. So, in an effort to achieve complete transparency, I am going to point it out AGAIN with even MORE detail!!

We will use this block for illustration purposes. At first glance this block looks fine. The overall pattern of the block is still good. But take a closer look. There is something not quite right.

Here is a diagram to explain the problem:

On the left is a diagram of how the block should be assembled. Notice the arrows in the rectangles on the corner units. All of the arrows should be pointing towards the center. On the right is a diagram of how the block actually was assembled. On the lower right hand corner unit, the arrows are pointing to the outside of the block.

There!!! Isn’t it obvious what a “terrible” mistake has been made!?!

I know – I have now ruined the image of perfection that you all have about me!

I don’t know if I will be able to show my face in public again!

Quite possibly, I should be flogged for making such an “awful” mistake!

Okay, enough is enough!! I’ve only been poking fun at myself because I didn’t have anything else to post about!! I have been sewing together more units and, hopefully, will not screw up any more of them. But, seriously, I’m not losing sleep over some of the pieces being sewn in backwards. Life is too short to worry about something like that!!! In quilting, I think we can let go of trying to be perfect and aim for good enough!