Let me be clear – I love the autumn season! The gorgeous colors of the leaves, the snuggley sweaters, the crisp, fresh air. Yes, there’s nothing better than going for a walk on a sunny fall day! I LOVE it!!!

But (you knew there had to be a but, didn’t you?)

It also means that the holidays are rapidly approaching!

And that means that we will be gathering together with family and friends much more often. E-e-e-e-k!!! That means I need to get this house cleaned up!!!

I’ve started making a mental list of everything that I want to get done before the holidays set in. I’m only talking about the house work at this point. The quilts – well, I think there are at least a dozen that I’d like to get done. I am realist enough to know – that is not going to happen!! No, I’m just thinking about the cleaning – all the nooks and crannies that got a lick and a promise all summer long are now at the top of my list. There’s the physical cleaning that needs done and the sorting out and de-cluttering that also needs to be done.

I’ve got a list a mile long. When I get serious about cleaning, I get SERIOUS! I’m not sure, but I think that it’s my Pennsylvania Dutch ancestry coming out. I’ve got a book somewhere about the PA Dutch which has a whole chapter about the women going “crazy clean” and every time I read it, I can see myself there!

Of course, now that I want to reference that book, I can’t find it. I just went to look for it and it’s hiding somewhere. I guess that I need to add “organizing all the books” to my list!!

Oh, you might want to save some sympathy for DH. He’s getting a list, too!! He just doesn’t know about it yet!! It’s an unfortunate (for him) side effect of my craziness. When I’m going through all the rooms listing all the cleaning chores that need done, I also see all the small repairs and projects that need to be finished. DH thinks that he’s going to have lots of time for hunting and relaxing this fall. Silly man!! He’s let too many things go for too long. Now is the time of reckoning!! If he expects a Happy Home, he better be taking care of some of the maintenance here!!

Lest you think I am really going “crazy clean”, let me clue you in on how I will actually get the housework done:

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating both ways. Maybe I’ll reach some middle ground where the house is reasonably cleaned up for the holidays but not so clean that I can perform surgery on the kitchen table!!!

And then DH and I will go for a walk on every sunny fall day!