The fairy godmother (remember, that’s me) was very busy making quilts for all the kingdom. But she still would think about the quilt that she needed to make for the beautiful princess. Every day she would look at the fabric she had bought at the magic store and think about the quilt. She washed and pressed the fabric and thought about the quilt. She took care of other business for the kingdom and thought about the quilt.

One day the beautiful princess came to visit the fairy godmother.

“Ah-ha!” thought the fairy godmother. “I have an idea!”

The fairy godmother casually mentioned that she had some new fabric but she wasn’t sure what to do with it. The beautiful princess took one look at the fabric and exclaimed, “Oh, I love that!”

Then the two talked about the best way to make a quilt with the fabric. “I wish this was for me.” said the princess. The fairy godmother just smiled to herself.

The fairy godmother got out her magic wand (rotary cutter) and waved it over the fabrics. Magically the pieces began to come together.


To be continued