I’m going to be heading to the cabin tonight to start getting things ready for my quilt group ladies. They will be arriving on Thursday afternoon and staying until Friday evening. So I don’t expect to be posting anymore this week. Unless all the stars align just right and I have good cell phone service PLUS remember that I can post from my phone PLUS remember to take photos!

Here is another photo of my last quilt finish:

I’m not planning on keeping it on this bed. I made it with one of the cabin beds in mind. But it does look nice in this shot, doesn’t it?

Since I am fairly confident that none of the ladies from my quilt group follow my blog (YET), I can share this with you today. (And if any of you are reading this right now – SURPRISE!!) I’ve been working on a little surprise for my guests tomorrow. Some of you know I do this once in a while! Here’s what I came up with:

I’ve included a knit dishcloth, a votive candle in a star shaped candle holder, a notebook and mechanical pencil, an artist trading card and a package of chocolate (because there is always a need for chocolate!!) All wrapped in a brown paper bag with a decorated clothespin to clip it shut.

Well, I better get packing. I’ve been working on the gift bags and haven’t picked out everything I need to work on while at retreat! I know I’m going to be sewing a quilt for a beautiful princess, but I have to get all the materials together.