We are a small group here at the cabin, but we’ve been having a wonderful time.


Nadine has been working like a Trojan to make bags that go on walkers. They will  be donated to some local nursing homes.

Martha, Joan (not pictured) and Mona all helped with the walker bags. I, on the other hand, was a selfish slacker and only worked on my “princess” quilt. I do

have an excuse – my machine will not handle the heavy fabrics that are being used on the bags.

I’ve made a good bit of progress on my quilt.


All of the star blocks are assembled! I’ve started quilting the blocks. If I finish all the quilting, I’m finished for the day. I forgot to bring fabric for the strips that I need to assemble the blocks!

What was I thinking!?! Usually I have enough for 4 or 5 projects and this time I didn’t even bring enough to finish one!

Oh well, such is life, I suppose. I’m going to get back to quilting!

Bev and Barb, we only have 5 more days!!!!