We’ve come through the Halloween storm. Hooray! I know we did not suffer as much devastation as others. But we surely had our share of troubles.

The power went out late Monday – early Tuesday. Not a huge deal, since we have wood heat. And I was able to draw a few gallons of drinking water. I can cook on the propane stove, although I can’t bake in the oven (the thermostat doesn’t work, so it won’t regulate the gas.)

Early Tuesday morning, DH started out to do some plowing. On his way to DS#2’s garage to get the plow truck (he was driving my truck) a tree came down on the hood. Lots of dents, but it didn’t break the windshield and it is still driveable. But he couldn’t get back home. Then he couldn’t get through to the garage. So he stopped at DS#3’s house and slept on the couch until the conditions cleared up a little more.

Meanwhile, at home, I was keeping the fire fed and bringing snow in to melt. I knew we were going to need water for washing and flushing. I was also dog sitting for DD who was stuck at her boyfriend’s house.

Late Tuesday afternoon DH was able to get back home, followed by DS#3. He had heat but no water and couldn’t cook, so good ol’ mom had to feed him.

Early Wednesday morning, DH went out to do some plowing, this time he was able to get through and actually work at some places. He was still handicapped with a lot of trees down, but the roads crews, power companies and other various people were hard at work trying to clear things up.

Most of the family came to the house on Wednesday for supper. DD and her boyfriend stayed the night.

Thursday morning started out with DH noticing that the flue for the woodstove was pushed away from the house by the snow on the roof. He and DS#3 tried to get the snow away from the flue, but instead the snow pushed the flue completely over! I hit a pretty low point then, thinking that either the house would catch on fire or we would have no heat. But DH and DS#3 were able to repair it. Thank goodness!!

On Thursday afternoon, DH was finally able to get up to the cabin. First he tried to get there by the roads, but the loop road was still completely blocked. Then he came home and got the Ranger and by going through some back ways and fields he was able to get to the general vicinity. He had to walk up to the cabin. First, there is no significant damage to the cabin – although there is a tree resting on the roof. DH seems to think that the snow cushioned the blow – also, it didn’t fall very far, so it didn’t have a lot of power in the blow. But we do have a tree to cut down sometime. Of course, there is no power there and not likely to be any for quite some time. The power lines are down all over the area – some run through the swamp so it’s going to be a hard job to get them repaired.

Friday was another long day. I was developing a little bit of cabin fever and the constant work of melting snow was beginning to wear. Also, the small generator that we had been using to keep the freezers from thawing out had quit. Actually the rope for the pull start broke, so I was worrying a lot about all the meat we had. I knew that I could salvage it by canning, if I had to. But I didn’t really want to can half a beef!!

Fortunately, the power came on early Saturday morning. I did a happy dance while DH turned on the main breaker. Hooray!! Light, running water and the freezers came back to life!!!!

We went back to bed and caught a few more Z’s.

I have to remark on an interesting side note. When I woke up again on Saturday morning, the first thing I did was sit down at the sewing machine and work on my quilt. When DH got up, first thing he did was try to turn on the TV! I thought that was somehow relevant in pointing out our different interests! BTW – the snow pushed the satellite dish out of alignment and we have to wait until Wednesday before a technician can come out and fix it.

Hope everyone else was able to survive the storm.