Last year I made two mystery quilts. (Sorry, I only have a photo of one of them. Picture the other one with the same pattern using Christmas prints.) I really like the way they turned out. They are at the flimsy stage, waiting for me to get a long arm quilter so I can finish them. I hope they don’t hold their breath!! It could be a while before that happens!

Now, let me clarify something. I really like the quilts I made, but the whole mystery process was excruciating.


Gut wrenching.


Okay, mildly annoying!

I really didn’t like the process of working on one step and then having to wait (and wait and WAIT) for the next step.

But now I am going to do another mystery quilt!

What on earth has gotten into me?

Have I lost my mind?

Okay, don’t answer that!!

Here is my reasoning:

First – this is being done by Bonnie Hunter (enough said!)

Second – the wait time between steps is one week, not two months. I think I can curb my impatience for seven whole days!

Third – all my friends are doing it!! (No mom, if they all jump off a cliff I won’t do that too!) Besides, by “all” I mean Barb is doing the same mystery quilt. If anyone else is joining in, let me know.

Now for another mystery – I have a little project that I need to finish by next month. I can’t reveal it right now but I’ll give you a little hint: