Today it is gray and raining. A very good day to curl up under a cozy quilt and read a good book.

I really wish that I could do that!

But I have a long day of work to catch up on.

I spent yesterday doing Christmas shopping with mom. I think that, for the most part, we are both finished our Christmas shopping. Now I need to finish the sewing projects, wrap the gifts, clean the house, etc, etc, etc!!!

Oh, and I found out that the gift I ordered for DH arrived last night – I had it delivered to DS#2’s house. But, apparently, the shipping company chose to ignore my very clear instructions about where to leave the packages if no one was at home. So DS’s dog opened up the box and used the gift for a chew toy!!! Yippee!! I get to deal with making a complaint to the company and hopefully getting a gift replaced. Please note that the excitement I am expressing is heavy with sarcasm!!

So, I am going to get started on this joyful task and not whine anymore today!

Here’s a picture to cheer everyone up: