It’s Monday again, which means that we are linking up to show our progress on Easy Street. Thanks for stopping by to check on mine. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

I’m afraid that things didn’t go exactly as planned this weekend. I thought that I’d have lots of time to work on the “house” shapes for part five, but numerous things conspired against me, so I wasn’t able to sew as much as I wanted. I was only able to get four finished. According to my calculations, we only need four of these shapes in each block, so here’s my latest guess:


I’ve seen some other guesses that people have made. There are some really good ideas floating around in blog land. But I guess we’re all going to have to wait until Bonnie gives us the final clues before we’ll know for sure! Check out everyone else’s progress by clicking here to link with Bonnie’s blog. There will be lots of links to everyone else’s blogs there.

I do have some good news, even though I didn’t get to sew as much as I wanted, I did get to sew what I needed. I finished DBIL’s quilt!!!


This isn’t the greatest photo, but I was trying to get a picture before the light faded. The wind was blowing just enough that I couldn’t get a very good shot. But I think you get an idea of how it turned out! I’m happy with it and I hope he will be. We’ll find out tomorrow!

Last night our church had their Luminary service. Each year, on the last Sunday before Christmas, we put out luminary candles along the sides of the road leading into our church. Two miles of road, two thousand luminary candles! It’s impossible for me to get a picture of the whole set up – I think an aerial photo would be fantastic! – but here is my humble attempt to give you an idea of what it is like:


I was taking pictures by hanging out the window of the truck. No way was I going to get out of the truck and try to take pictures on the ground. Not because of traffic, but because I was wearing a long dress and heels!! Not the best outfit for jumping in and out of a pickup! I was the reader for the program at church, which is why I was dressed to the nines.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas holiday!!