We received the final clue for Easy Street on New Year’s day and since then I have been trying to fit in as much sewing as I can. I haven’t been able to do as much as some people have, because there are quite a few that are completed to the flimsy stage. Mine isn’t that far along.


I have all the blocks assembled, I just don’t have them all on the design wall. These blocks on the wall have been sewn into rows. If things go as planned, I’ll have the first version of Easy Street at the flimsy stage by the end of this week.

To the left on the wall is my second version of Easy Street. I think I am going to go a different direction with the second version. I love Bonnie’s quilt, but I decided I wanted something a little different for the second version. So I graphed out a different layout using the units that I’ve made so far.


I think this one is going to be “Taking a Detour” since I started out on Easy Street, but now I’m going another way!

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Thank you to everyone that has been stopping by to see my progress. Please come back again!