Sometimes I watch Jeopardy, sometimes not. Last night was a “not” night. But mom watched it. Last night one of the categories was:

“Let’s Make a Quilt”

So, who would like to play today? I’ll post the answers and you comment with the questions. To sweeten the deal, I’m going to do a small giveaway. Any comments with all five correct questions will be put into a drawing to receive 4 fat quarters of fabric (see, I’m trying to reduce the stash at the same time as we’re having fun!) Include in your comment a general category of fabric – brights, 1800’s repro, 1930’s repro, pastels, etc. and I’ll pull out 4 fabrics to send to you. I’ll leave this open until the end of January and will post the winner on February 1.

Okay, here are the answers (thanks mom!):

$200: This “mad” patchwork quilt is made from irregular or scrap pieces sewn in no particular pattern or design.

$400: The 19th Century style of quilt named for this Maryland city can fetch 6 figure sums at auction today.

$600: This layer inside a quilt that provides thickness and warmth sounds like an activity for Josh Hamilton.

$800: These social gatherings where women would make quilts together were a popular feature of frontier life.

$1000: Quilts may be pieced, where shapes are cut and sewn together, or this, where cut pieces are sewn to a background.