Organizing stash

This is why my studio is such a mess right now – I can’t reward myself for a job well done until after Lent!!

My QFF (Quilting Friend Forever) Bev, sent me an email the other day. Her husband knows about my Lenten vow to not buy fabric. Always an instigator, he’s been offering some thoughts:

“You should hear some of the ideas he has for me to sabotage you. Offer to trade fabrics…that’s not buying. Offer to give fabrics…that’s not buying. Call and say there’s an emergency Shop Hop and you have to go with us. Call and say there’s a quilt show this weekend and you have to go with us. And on and on.
At least he understands our need for more fabric!”

He’s a good guy – his teasing is all in good fun and he doesn’t give us too much grief about our quilting addictions!

Now about the stash report:

I have not bought any fabric for another week!!! Yeah me!!

But I was a little worried Saturday before last, at the raffle quilt workshop. The method we’re using to make all those chevrons generates lots of triangle pieces. Sue, our president, said to save all the triangles because she and I like to make things with little bits. I was afraid that I was going to have to report bringing fabric home (and how was I going to measure it, since it was all in little triangular bits!?!) Fortunately, Sue decided we should keep all the triangles together in case we wanted to make a coordinating pillow and she took them home. Whew! I dodged that bullet!!

Now for fabric used – I have cut 16.5 yards of fabric for the quilt I’m making for my friend – that is for the front, the backing and the sashing to put the blocks together. The quilt isn’t finished yet, so I’m not going to figure this into my totals right now. But as soon as I have it done and give it away – Yippee! – SIXTEEN AND A HALF YARDS!!! Out the door!!!!

So here is the official Stash report for this week:

Fabric used this week: 0 yards
Fabric added this week: 0 yards
Fabric used YTD: 15.5 yards
Fabric added YTD: 54.25 yards
YTD total: 38.75 yards added