If you read my post yesterday you know that I have a few things that are in progress right now:





Too bad I didn’t have time to work on any of them yesterday! Most of the day was spent working on invoicing for DH. Then in the evening we decided to take a little road trip.

DH and I have been thinking about getting a small car for me to use instead of taking the truck everywhere. And we’ve been casually looking for something that would suit. Something with pretty good gas mileage. Something that has a little more room than the Camaro, because, even though DH LOVES his Camaro, it doesn’t really have room for passengers. Something that I will like and feel comfortable in. Something a little bit like this:

2013 Chevrolet Spark

Yes, DH and I bought a Chevy Spark in Techno Pink!!

I am SO loving it right now! It’s the cutest little thing (I keep calling it the “little baby car”) And, Bev and Barb, with some judicious packing, we can all fit in and visit quilt shows and/or shop hops! Although I wouldn’t want to make long road trips in it, it is certainly going to be used a lot for short trips. And DH says the color isn’t TOO bad. When I first said I liked the pink he was envisioning hot pink or bubble gum pink. I think the color is more like a light, silvery-mauve. So he’s alright with that (although I doubt that you’ll see him driving it very much!!!)

Since it took all evening to get the paperwork done, I didn’t make much progress on my projects. And today is going to be tied up with a number of errands, so I might not get much done today. But if I can sneak in a few minutes here and a few minutes there, I’ll eventually get something done.

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