Serious mental help!!!!

Here’s the problem.

This morning I was sewing the corner squares onto the star point units so that I can add them to the pink and purple blocks.


Not really a problem so far. I’ve got all the squares on one side of the star point units sewn on. Now I need to sew the second square on and then I can attach them to the blocks.

But look closely at the picture above. Do you see how the purple star points are attached to the background strip? What I did was cut a rectangle of the background fabric that was 2″ x 7.5″ Then I cut my star point triangles and sewed them to the rectangles. Still not a problem, right!?!

After I pressed the triangles in place, there was a double layer of fabric – the purple star point was folded back onto the background rectangle. In order to eliminate bulk, I needed to trim away the excess background fabric.

So I trimmed away the excess background fabric before I started sewing the squares onto the star point units.

I did all the trimming while sitting at my sewing machine, so all the pieces fell onto the cabinet top.

Which meant that, once I was done, I had this:


A whole pile of little, tiny triangles.

What to do? What to do?

I mean, really, these are so small, they really can’t be used for anything.

It would be ridiculous to save them.

I should throw them in the trash.



Please HELP ME!!!

Even I realize the insanity of making one inch half square triangles!! These would finish at a ridiculous 1/2″ square!!!

These are even smaller than the tiny triangles in the wall hanging I finished back in April!! (Click HERE to see that quilt)

This is carrying the scrap saving compulsion just a little too far, don’t you think!?!

What would you do in this situation?

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