I admit, it doesn’t take much to make me happy. So when I checked out Bonnie’s blog yesterday, it just about made my day:

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Here’s the photo that Bonnie took:

PA_July2013 243_thumb

And here’s what she had to say:

Little log cabin blocks sewn from 1” strips —scrappy everything, and so dynamic!”

A five “WOW” review!!

So, is it wrong to be so thrilled that I “wowed” someone like Bonnie Hunter? I mean, she’s seen a heck of a lot more quilts than I ever have and yet, she was impressed with my quilt.

Don’t worry, now that I’m famous for my wonderful quilting, I’ll still remember the little people who knew me when!


Alright, enough of this silliness! I’ll go try to shrink my swollen head and get back to sewing. I’m going to try to play with my pink and purple quilt today. I’ve started trimming the blocks and need to cut the sashing strips.


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