Picture, if you will, a large room approx. 14′ x 32′. Now imagine that room filled to the rafters with “stuff” – furniture, dishes, knick-knacks, books, boxes of old clothes, Christmas decorations, a model train set, a refrigerator, a stove, a bathroom sink & vanity, old toys, etc. etc. All the cast-offs from two households (ours and my dearly departed in-laws)

I’m not even going to take a picture of the mess that I am describing. It’s too horrible!

Suffice it to say that this is going to be a LONG week of trying to sort through and get rid of all the “stuff”

I loved Barb’s analogy “Although cleaning the room for it will be drudgery, it’s kind of like birthing a baby – just think of the joy in your heart when it’s finished and you have that precious new thing to play with!”

Thankfully, I never had a week of labor when having my children! But, yes, that is a very good way to look at it! After all the work of cleaning that room, I’ll have my long arm quilter and a lovely new space in which to play!

Yesterday, in between “labor pains”, I managed to finish pressing all the blocks for the latest Bonnie quilt:


I’ve put it up on the design wall in three different ways to try to decide how I want to lay it out. On the left is the barn raising style that Bonnie used for her quilt. In the center is a Streak of Lightning. On the right is Sunshine and Shadow. Isn’t it interesting that this block lends itself to the same setting arrangements as a Log Cabin block!?!

I am probably going to use the Barn Raising setting, but I thought I should try out the others just to be different. I also realized sometime last night that I have 10 blocks too many. For some reason I made 150 blocks when all I really need is 140. I’m making this as a twin size quilt and a 10 x 14 layout with a border will be sufficient. I guess I’ll find a use for those 10 extra blocks somewhere – possibly on the backing.

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