Yes, the renovation is still going on. These long days are starting to wear a little thin. DH and I are both getting pretty tired. I was cleaning up the sawdust and other debris last night and really thought I might just fall asleep there on the floor! When we finally got to sit down for a few minutes before bed, DH said, “I hope you know how much I love you!” 😉

Yes, yes I do!

I have been sorting through and emptying the current sewing studio.


It is all emptied. Okay, don’t look in the closet!!! Even with all this wonderful motivation, I do not have the energy to try to clean that out yet!! I’ll be moving stuff into the “new and improved” studio over the next few days (weeks, months!)

And soon, very soon, I hope to be able to set up my Nolting Fun Quilter with 10′ frame in the studio!! Yippee!!

Really looking forward to a relaxing weekend with my QFFs. Despite all the chaos, we are going to sit down and stitch. I’m really needing some needle and thread time! DH is just going to have to suck it up and realize that sometimes, even if the job isn’t finished, a girl has just got to fondle some fabric for a little while!!