One very good benefit of all this cleaning out is that I am getting rid of a bunch of “stuff” It feels so freeing to get rid of a lot of things and make some open space!

To go from this:

sewing room mess 1sewing room mess 4

To this:


Wow! It feels great! I can feel the chi (the positive energy of feng shui) flowing much more smoothly through our home!

I’m pretty sure that this room will get filled up again in no time, but at least I can enjoy some open space for a short time.

Yes, Friendly Freckles, all the sewing stuff will be in the same studio as the LAQ. I’m not sure what I’ll do about all the snow and ice in the winter time. Who knows – maybe DH will build a covered walkway from the house to the bonus room. (Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she!?!)

Well, I’ve got to get back at it, again. There’s still plenty of “stuff” to sort through and arrange. DH has more than half of the trim work done, so I’ve been arranging some of the “stuff” into the new and improved studio. Since I’ve neglected the rest of my house all week, maybe I’ll try to make it semi-habitable while I’m doing all this sorting and arranging.