And, like magic, the sewing studio is ready!!!




Okay, so it wasn’t exactly magic. I deliberately didn’t mention that DH decided to change ideas in midstream. We really are going to renovate the bonus room over the garage. But that is going to take a lot longer than either of us wanted it to. So DH decided that it would be quicker and easier to take the wall out between the current studio and the small guest room. Then there would be enough room for the Fun quilter and all my other “stuff” And, that way I could get started sooner on playing with my new toy, ER, I mean, working with my new tool!!!

Last Monday morning, after I had written my blog post, DH gave me the news that he thought it would take too long to clean out the bonus room. But it wouldn’t take him long to take out the sewing studio wall and make it big enough for the Fun Quilter. So I spent the rest of the day cleaning out the “stuff” that lined that wall. That evening, he started taking down the wall and rerouted some of the wiring that was in that wall. On Tuesday, I finished cleaning out all of the studio and he finished the tear down. Wednesday evening he installed all the trim and I cleaned up as much mess as I could. Thursday is when we went to pick up the Fun Quilter and get it set up in it’s new home. Friday DH wired in a new electric outlet so that the Fun Quilter would have power and I tried to get the house back into habitable condition. Friday evening Bev and Barb arrived for our “retreat” weekend. Boy, were they surprised when they saw what we had done!!!

Saturday I got to try it out.

So did Bev and Barb.

And so did DH!!!!!!!




Who knows, maybe this is the start of a new hobby for him!!

I’ve got to work for my other boss today. I don’t have any photos of anything on my Design Wall. But stop over at Patchwork Times to see what everyone else is doing. Click HERE