One of the conditions made by DH when he enlarged the current studio, instead of renovating the bonus room into a studio, was that I would continue to clean out the bonus room.

Like I mentioned before, this is a 14′ x 32′ room that is stuffed to the rafters with “stuff”!!! Why in the world we accumulated so much “stuff” is beyond my comprehension. I know that a lot of it was saved because “I might need it someday.” And that is true, I just might need a spare stove or five boxes of children’s books or clothes I’ve outgrown or clothes my children have outgrown or . . . well, you get the picture!

Well, I’m releasing all that “stuff” into the universe. I don’t need it right now and I don’t believe I will need it in the next few years, so I’m donating it to local charities. That way someone, who really does need it, can get it. And if something I donate turns out to have more value than I thought it would, and someone finds it for $2.00 at Goodwill and turns around and sells it for hundreds of dollars, so be it! I think that only brings good karma my way! Of course, if I think that something is worth hundreds of dollars, I’ll probably hang on to it!!! 😉

So everyday I’m trying to clean out a few more boxes of “stuff” Once I’ve sorted through things, I load the boxes into the back of my car so that I can take it to Goodwill or one of the other local charities. Anything that is not worth donating gets thrown into the trash RIGHT AWAY! No more putting it aside to deal with it later!

Of course, all this sorting and carting away is taking a toll on my sewing time! I haven’t had time to load another practice quilt onto the Fun Quilter and I’ve only hand sewn a few more sashing strips on the pink and purple quilt. So my WIPs aren’t making much progress.


But I’ll still link up to Freshly Pieced for Lee’s WIP Wednesday. Click HERE to check out all the fantastic things that people are working on!