I wasn’t sure what to say this morning. Today is Really Random Thursday over at Live a Colorful Life (click HERE)

I’m not going to be very random – this is mostly about Norman. He’s an odd cat. Very entertaining, but odd!


He wanted to help when I was canning green beans. Actually, he liked playing with the green beans. I’m not sure why he decided to get in the sink with the ends that I trimmed.


He likes to join me in the sewing studio. This photo was taken before the great studio clean-up, it isn’t nearly as messy now!


He likes to “help” when I’m trying to photograph my quilts!


He likes water, a lot! When I turn the faucet on, he shows up right away.


Supervising my sewing! He’s very intense, isn’t he!?!

And he likes to help me decorate the house.

Let me explain a few things before I add these last photos. We live in an older house. The basement is not finished. There is a concrete floor with a drain hole, because we get water in the basement every now and again. With all the rain that we’ve been having lately, it was bound to happen that we’d have a wet floor. What I didn’t expect was this:



Norman decided that he loved going down into the water and then tracking throughout the house. Multiple times!! There are cat footprints everywhere!!! I guess he decided that the carpet needed to have some pattern in it, instead of just a plain light color!

Guess who needs to add “shampoo the carpets” and “mop up the basement floor” to her list of things to do today!!! I might not be getting much sewing done for a while!