be perfect
the problem

These quotes have nothing to do with quilting. I just really liked them and it’s something that we should all keep in mind.

It’s Monday linky time again and I am still falling behind with the mystery clues. I’ve got the first clue done. I’m still in the process of doing clue #2. And this is all that I have done on clue #3:


I’ve got all the 1/2 square triangles cut and ready to sew, but no sewing on those yet. Of course, it takes longer to get things done when I get help like this:


Norman thought he ought to check the camera so that I could get a good shot! We’ve all seen how he likes to join me when I’m trying to cut with the rotary cutter:


And, very often, he decides that the best place to rest his tired bones is between the sewing machine and the wall, when I am trying to sew!!!


Yes, this is a picture from quite awhile ago. He won’t move for anything when I’m trying to sew, but if I get up to get the camera – zoom! he’s off like a light!!! Trust me, he does this more times than I can count!

Anyway, between the “help” I get from Norman, the weather throwing a monkey wrench in my plans and dealing with the usual family crises, I haven’t done as much as I hoped. I was really looking forward to a full day of sewing with my QFFs. How disappointing to have a snow and ice storm pop up. I would think that Mother Nature would plan things better, considering how much sewing and quilting needs to get done around here!!! 😉

I’m linking with Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville, where we can share our progress on our Celtic Solstice quilts. Click HERE to go to her blog. Even though I am not as far along as I’d like to be, I am making some progress!!

I’m also linking with Judy at Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday. Even though my pieces aren’t actually up on the design wall, I am working on something. Click HERE

I hope everyone has a great day!