This post is preaching to the choir, because most of you out there already know what I’m talking about. But it was brought home to me that not everyone that is checking in on me and my ramblings actually knows what I am talking about!! I sometimes forget that. So I thought I’d be a little more specific about the mystery quilt that I am working on.

First, here is the definition of a mystery quilt:

“A quilt pattern written in steps and revealed one part at a time to hide the final appearance of the finished quilt.”

Bonnie Hunter is a quilt maker and teacher who has a blog at

Each year, on her blog, she does a mystery quilt for her followers, so that we can all join together and have a lot of fun. Starting on Black Friday, she releases one “clue” each week, until the final week, when she tells us how to put all the clues together. Then we get to see the marvelous pattern that she has shared with us. Part of the fun of doing one of Bonnie’s quilts is trying to figure out how all the different units are going to go together. Each of the “clues” this year measures 3″ square when sewn into the quilt.

Clue #1: Make 96 with white background and 92 with pink background:


Clue #2: Make 100 chevrons:


Clue #3: Sew 200 half-square triangles, then make 25 pinwheels:


Clue #4: Make 120 foursies:


Clue #5: Take the remaining 100 HST and make 100 split triangles:


I’m assuming we’ll have one or two more clues before we get the final directions on how to sew them all together.

I’ve been “puzzling and puzzling until my puzzler was sore” and I still wasn’t coming up with what I thought would be a workable solution to the mystery.

I put together some of the pieces like this:


but the math doesn’t work out right to make blocks like this. Although this would make a gorgeous quilt, in MHO! I looked at the clues again and figured out that we need to make 25 blocks that have a pinwheel in the center. And having 100 of the chevrons and split triangles means (to me) that there are four of each of those units in those blocks. But then, what are we doing with those “odd” number of units!?!

So I sat down with a pencil and paper and started really thinking:


My guess is that we are going to have to make 36 square in a square units and then something with the neutrals for the outside edges of the quilt. Here’s how I laid out a few of the units on the design wall:


So, what do you think!?! Am I on to something? Or can you even make sense of what I’m talking about!?!

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