Over at Quiltville with Bonnie Hunter, she’s planning a trip to England. Click HERE to go to the post with all the details.


It sounds like a fantastic trip. I’d love to do something like that. So, while I was looking at it, DH walks in and I told him that I’d surely love to go to England with Bonnie.

His reply – “Well, go ahead if you want to.”


Whoa Nelly!! Did he really say what I thought I heard him say!?!

I’m going to England! I’m going to England!!

Time for a Happy Dance!!!

Happy Dance

Okay, you didn’t really think that my DH actually agreed that I could go to another country did you!?! He has separation anxiety when I spend the night in the house across the road!!!

No, he didn’t hear me correctly and didn’t get any details. So he had no idea what I was talking about.

Time for the Sad Dance.

Sad Dance