Not much has changed on my design wall.


Okay, nothing has changed on my design wall!!!

I had every intention of sewing all weekend, with only small breaks for minor things like housework, office work and cooking meals. 😉

But then DH decided that we should go out to do some shopping for Peace House. We still need six twin beds and a dining table and chairs. And a whole lot of little stuff – pots and pans, silverware, glasses, dishes, lamps, etc, etc, etc.

So we went to a local auction house that was having a tag sale. We did find a toaster for Peace House and a pie plate. Woo-hoo! we’ll have it furnished and ready for retreats in years at this rate!!!

I did find a silly little treasure, that I just couldn’t pass up:


I am a sucker for old suitcases. I cannot explain it, but I love them. Especially at that price – can you read the sticker?

Three dollars!!

Maybe I’ll make something like this with it:

craft suitcase 1craft suitcase 2craft suitcase 3

But wait – what’s inside of it!?!


It’s another, slightly smaller suitcase.

I can really have fun with these!

Think of all the possibilities.

Hold on – there’s more:


There were THREE suitcases for THREE dollars!!!


DH just shook his head, but I guess he figured three bucks was a small enough price to pay to make me happy! 🙂 Now I’ve just got to decide what I’m going to do with these little beauties. Right now I think I’ll use them to store fabric. I can stack them on top of the little dresser in the sewing studio, which right now has a jumble of stuff on top of it. That should make the studio look a little less chaotic.

I’m going to go play with my new finds and press and fold fabric to go in them – all around a great way to spend the day!! Especially since I can tell DH that I’m “working on cleaning up the studio” 😉

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