Ugg! It’s Monday and I agreed to go to work for my other boss today. He asked to switch from Friday to today since we were getting so much snow on Friday. I was happy to agree at the time, but now I don’t want to go out on a Monday – the snow is still here, my vehicles are buried and I’d rather stay in where it’s warm and dry. But I am such a dedicated employee 😉 that I’ll be there whether I like it or not.

The weekend turned out better than I thought it would. Even though we had a lot of snow on Friday and into Saturday, by Sunday morning the weather wasn’t too bad. So Bev and Barb decided to come visit for the day and we were able to play with our fabric and threads. They had to leave a little earlier than we had hoped for, since it started snowing AGAIN, but we had a great time while we were all together.

I have some photos, but I’ve been trying to get them inserted into this post for the past 45 minutes and nothing is happening. So I’m just going to end this now, because I have to get ready for work! Maybe I’ll be able to get things to work tomorrow.


Be Kind