The other day when I was running errands with DH, we went to the local surplus store. He was looking for some kind of thing-a-ma-jig and he thought they might have some. I wasn’t even going to go in the store, but he asked if I was going to come in, so I went. Well, there have been some improvements at the store since I was there last.

And I found all of this:


Now don’t anyone get the idea that DH stood casually by while I purchased all this fabric. Oh No!!! I just went there again today and all of that fabric insisted that I take it home!!

And, if for some strange reason, he would realize that I have a whole new pile of fabric, I am just going to tell him that is his fault. After all, if he hadn’t asked me to go into the store, I would have been blissfully ignorant about the masses of fabric waiting for me!!

That’s my story and I’m sticking with it!!!!


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