For some odd reason I was thinking of the scene in Poltergeist II, where the little girl says, “They’re ba-ack.” I don’t know why – after all I’m not an evil spirit that is trying to terrorize a family. At least, I don’t think I am – please let me know if I’m wrong!! 😈

I’ve been battling a cold the past few days, which is why I wasn’t here.

cartoon sick in bed

Fortunately, DH stepped up to the plate and took care of me, so I’m feeling much better now.

The workshop for the Hospice quilt went very well. There were six of us cutting, sewing and pressing which made things go very quickly. Most of the units for the blocks were finished on Tuesday. We were short on a few four patch units, but I finished them yesterday. The one thing that I miscalculated was the amount needed for the border – my faulty math skills are to blame. I’ll need to go back to the quilt shop and get a little more of that fabric to make it right.

Nothing much else going on. I didn’t have much energy for anything until yesterday, so I didn’t work on any of my projects. I’m hoping for better things this week!!


All in this together