Last night I was able to sit down and sew! I dug into my 1 1/2″ strip boxes and made some more nine patches. And I sewed together the half square triangles that I had cut.



It’s so nice to have a beautiful mess on the sewing table! 😉

Yes, I’ll clean it up soon, because too much of a beautiful mess turns into chaos and then I can’t function.

But for right now I’ll keep the bits and pieces out where I can pick them up and stitch in any spare moment.

Unfortunately, it won’t be during the day today. I have to run to the hardware store to pick up some things for DH, so that he can make some repairs at Peace House. I also have to stop at the thrift store and drop off some things, get groceries and avoid the local quilt shops that always seem to call my name!! It’s going to take a lot of will power for that last item on the list! 🙄


Life is too short