There is just over one week to go until my QFFs and I get to spend a whole weekend dedicated to quilting!! Woo-Hoo!!!

Can you tell that I’m excited!?!

We’re going to be attending two (count them – two!!) Bonnie Hunter workshops and a lecture. Between the workshops we’ll be sewing and talking up a storm – Yay!!!

Meanwhile, I’m trying to fit in a little sewing here and there. I’ve been making a lot of little nine patches and half square triangle units.

Here are some laid out on the only design wall that I have right now (this has got to be remedied soon!!!) I’m using Bonnie Hunter’s pattern “Tumolo Trails” for the quilt.


There is supposed to be sashing between each block, but 1) I don’t have any cut right now and 2) the design “wall” isn’t big enough to allow any sashing between the blocks.

DH and I have been having an unproductive discussion about the design wall for the new studio. I am planning on using foam insulation boards for the base of the wall, with cotton batting wrapped around and duct-taped to the board. DH does not think this is a very good way to make a design wall. I have tried to convince him that there are a lot of design walls constructed in just this way, but he isn’t convinced. So then I ask him what his ideas for a design wall are. That is where the conversation ends because he doesn’t have any.

I will be taking care of this sometime soon. I would have already taken care of it, but I can’t fit foam insulation boards in my little car – I need to use the pickup. Unfortunately it has a fuel leak that DH hasn’t been in a hurry to get repaired. Once the leak is repaired and I can use the pickup, I’ll be going to the local building supply store to get the boards I need for my design wall!!!

I am still working on my Leader/Ender challenge:


Sometimes I only get one lozenge sewn between long lines of 9P or HST, sometimes I just start feeding lozenges through until I’m tired. Eventually I’ll have enough to make a quilt. 😀


This has been around awhile and I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t actually said by Bill Gates, but it’s still very good advice.

Bill Gates