We had a lovely weekend for our Independence Day celebration. The weather was great and the company was fantastic. There was way too much good food and a lot of fun things going on.

Of course, the highlight was the fireworks extravaganza:


There were numerous activities – Corn Hole, Hammer Toss (a game invented by the laughing son in the photo) cards and just a swinging:


There was a lot of music, although I don’t have any photos that will load. I had a good picture from the afternoon session, but it keeps giving me an error message when I try to put it on here. And I didn’t have my camera handy when we were singing around the campfire (Crap!! why can’t I remember to have my camera with me when I need it!?!)

Okay, I’ve been trying to get more photos added on here for over two hours and I keep getting error messages. So I’m giving up for today and will try again tomorrow. Suffice it to say, we had a very good time. We missed some people that weren’t able to be there – you know who you are (Julie, Belinda and Michele, to name a few!!) Jeanine, we missed you, too. I hope that your D(arling)H(ubby) is doing okay now.


I can’t even get one of my inspirational signs to load. 😥