While sorting through boxes, I found some orphan blocks:


These were left over from some previous projects. Back a few years ago, I was asked to make a red and blue checkerboard quilt for DGC#2:


He only wanted red and blue, so that’s what he got. But I was using the “magic nine patch” method, Click HERE, if you want to see how that is done. I had to cut 9″ blocks, which meant I had to cut a 9″ strip of fabric and then sub cut it into 9″ blocks. That meant that I could cut four blocks from each strip of fabric, so I decided to not only make the quilt for DGC#2, but I would make two twin quilts for the cabin. For those quilts I added in some neutral fabrics so that they would be red, white and blue.

Then a couple years later, I needed a Christmas gift for my DBIL and there were the red, white and blue blocks partially sewn into quilt tops (one section was already quilted, since I was using the QAYG method at that time) So, instead of making two twin quilts, I took what I had and made it into a Queen size quilt:


But that left some extra blocks that got put into a box.

There are 51 blocks that will finish at 7.5″

What should I do with them? (This is a rhetorical question since I think I’ve got an idea!!)

I’m hoping that I have enough time to work on it this weekend.

To be continued. . . .


It takes guts