And this month is almost over!! Where is the time flying to!?!

Last week I had such good intentions of getting some more sewing done. And then stuff happened. Darling Grand Children (DGC) were visiting a number of times. Between spending time with them and trying to keep them fed, I didn’t have much time for sewing.

Here’s a picture of the little “monsters” after they got into the costume box:


Then there was the everyday life things that had to be taken care of – cooking & cleaning. Yes, sometimes they do HAVE to be done – I try to put it off as much as possible but I can’t postpone forever! 🙄

On Friday, I did manage to get some sewing done while staying up at the cabin. Mom and her friends were there for a day of fun, games and a picnic lunch:

Fun at Camp Savage 8-22-14 c

This week is looking like another busy week, where I probably won’t get much actual sewing done. DH said this morning that we should have a garage sale this weekend (Yeah, I’ll just snap my fingers and that will come together!!!) I guess it’s time to get the garage cleaned up and then gather together all the junk we want to unload, Oops, I mean lovely vintage items that we are going to offer for sale! 😉