Sometimes I actually do cook! Today I had some peaches that needed to be used NOW! So I decided to make a pie. I didn’t feel like making a lattice top, so I just flipped the crust over the filling. Peach Pie Rustico! I hope it tastes as good as it looks and smells.

On the quilting front, I’m starting another small project. Yes, I know, ANOTHER one!!! This is a table runner for the farm table that is supposed to be made for my kitchen. It isn’t finished yet and I’m afraid that the table runner will be finished before the table. But I’m going to think positively and make it anyway. To paraphrase a popular line from a movie, “If I make it, the table will come.”

Right now I’m in the middle of negotiations for some quilting retreats. I’m hoping we can work out a schedule that will satisfy our need to get together and quilt!!!


Be happy