After DH got home and we had supper, we were able to see how the pie turned out. Yum, yum, yum. DH gave his seal of approval. It wasn’t too sweet and had a good ratio of crust to fruit. I’m told I can make more pies like that. But I certainly don’t want him to think that this is going to be a regular occurrence!! After all, making pies does cut into my sewing time!!

I don't suffer

I’ve got my table runner ready for quilting. Then there will be a pretty good amount of embellishment that will need to be done. I should be able to get that done in the evenings. I think this is going to turn out fantastic when it’s done.

I promised I’d work on end of the month invoicing today so I can have it finished before the weekend. So I better get to work.


Arab Proverb