I discovered the reason that DH wants me to quilt. I knew there was some ulterior motive and he explained it to me last night. I’m making this quilt:


as a “Thank You” for a friend of ours that has helped a lot with projects around the house. These are some of the blocks that are for this quilt. The pattern is “Tumolo Trails” by Bonnie Hunter. This is the quilt that DH wants me to get finished as soon as possible. The reason that he wants it finished is so that we can give it to ________ and then DH can ask for some help on yet another project!!!

That explains that mystery!!

Post script to this story: This is also the pattern that I love and want to have one for myself. I think I’ll be able to milk this situation and have DH encourage me to get busy in the studio by not revealing that I’m actually making two quilts. Any time he asks if I’ve got that quilt finished, I can show him that I’m still working on it and he won’t realize that it’s actually two!! I know, that’s sneaky, but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do!!!!

Now onto the other mystery. That would be the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. Bonnie told us the colors that are going to be used in the mystery and the yardage amounts that we need. She also mentioned that each color could be one piece of yardage instead of many scraps in each color. I’m seriously considering going that way, since I have quite a bit of large pieces of yardage. It would save me having to pull huge piles of fabric out and it would get rid of some of this older fabric. Win-win!!!

So I’ve been looking through the stash to see what might work. Here are two options (these are the colors only, black and neutral are the other fabrics that need to be used, but I’ve got that more than covered!!!):



The bright fabrics would really “pop” with the black and white, so I’m leaning towards them. But the lighter colors are closer to what Bonnie suggested and I like them too. The first clue won’t be revealed until Black Friday, so I’ve got a little time to consider.

Well, I was supposed to work for my other boss this morning, but my primary boss had things that he needed me to do, so I better get them finished.


Happier days