We’ve been getting the house decorated for Christmas. DH pulled out his train set and had fun putting it together under the Christmas tree. Then Norman had fun taking over the village!!!


Poor giant kitty, he’s all tired out after attacking the railroad.

I should have said that the train is under one of the Christmas trees; we have five right now and DH is talking about putting up two more!!! Here are two of the smaller ones:



I’m having trouble getting photos to load, so I’m not going to try to show the other trees right now.

But now it is time for “Guess the Mystery” Now that we’ve been given clue number 2 for Bonnie’s Grand Illusion Mystery quilt, it’s fun to try to figure out what Bonnie is planning for us. Here’s a suggestion:


I’ve seen some other ideas that might work, too. I’m going to make another guess – I think whatever the blocks look like, they might be set on point. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what is next!!

Click HERE to go to the linky party and see how everyone else is progressing with their “Grand Illusion”

I haven’t been doing as well with keeping up. I still have about 50 more clue #1 units to make and 96 clue #2 units. I’m hoping I can get caught up this weekend!!


a good deed