I was supposed to go to work for the other boss today, but he had to change his plans. So now I have to change mine. Fortunately, I’m flexible that way. DH wants to go do some Christmas shopping sometime, but he’s not home right now. Maybe he will finish early enough that we could go this afternoon. Meanwhile, I can get to work on loading another quilt on the Fun Quilter frame!!


This needs to be finished no later than the 24th, so I better get on the ball and get it done. I used to be known for giving gifts that weren’t quite finished. I’d wrap up what I had done and then once it was opened, I’d explain that I needed to take it back and finish the rest. And I always tried really hard to get it all finished as soon as possible. But I don’t really like doing that. It means that, even though the deadline has passed, I’ve still got work to do! Who wants that!?! So I finally set myself down and said, “No more!!” I have to finish gifts BEFORE the deadline, or I don’t give it and then have to come up with an alternate gift. I’ve been doing pretty good with that goal so far and I don’t want to break my record now, so I better get that purple beast loaded RIGHT NOW!!


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